Creative / Art / Digital


Mirror grew up in Taiwan and moved to New Zealand when she was offered a scholarship in digital media. She is deeply passionate about all things to do with art and is known for her creative ability and smiley personality. She has been also aiming to balance between visual art and commercial relations with her skills and experiences.


Mirror has extensive experience in the area of Digital Design, doing things such as graphic design, animation, film and web design(UI & UX). She has also produced the special effects and animation on a small film, which made its way to 5 film festivals all over the world; TaiwanCineFest Film Festival, Creative Arts Film Festival, World Arts Film Festival, and Big Mini Media Festival just to name a few. Because of her success, Mirror won an award for her directing. She is always looking at inspiration for her new film.


Fully qualified with design experience since 2003, Mirror has also completed a qualification in Graphic Art and Communication (Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography, Video, Animation) in Taiwan, as well as a Certificate of Game and Animation from a Korean University. From there, Mirror gained a scholarship for Digital Design in Taiwan, and one year of studying and training in both Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, Mirror achieved a Certificate of Cinemation from the Gordon Institute in Australia. Then on top of all that, Mirror also completed a Certificate in Animation and Visual Effect at AUT.


mirrorshen-workspaceMirror loves working in the design industry as she enjoys how different each project is. The main inspiration for her design is anything innovative. Mirror believes that the key to great website design is having clear message delivery, and a great first impression.


Understanding that communication is a large part of her job, Mirror strives to get a clear idea of what the client wants so as to fulfil their expectations. While preference will always be different between people, this can always be worked on with great communication.


When asked what she would recommend to someone looking at getting a design, Mirror says “an open mind is always helpful; to discuss and listen to a professionals advice as much as you can before you start. Also make sure you outline your needs and preferences at the start so a great pre-production meeting can ensure a successful end result from the get-go.”


Having been involved in the design industry for so long, Mirror loves keeping up to date on trends, and passing these on to her clients. So she always keep on learning and exploring.


After 10 years dealing with Commercial Clients, Mirror realised she has been asked to help on Interior Design for clients’ Retail or Office. She decided to study Interior Design and extend her skills and knowledges, so she can be responsible to deliver the best advice. From here, Mirror started offering a Comprehensive Commercial Design Solution.


Apart from her casual drawing and painting, Mirror is so into dance movement cause she used to study in Dancing Primary School in Taiwan, and so far she has done lots art projects with Body Expression. In order to take on higher vision, she completed Yoga & Pilates Instructor Training and became an Certified Yoga Teacher. And now she put all her creative artworks together with Yoga techniques (Physical Body & Mind Relaxation) for her Artworks & Dancing.



When Mirror’s not designing, she enjoys singing in her band, going to the cinema and dancing. She is also into photography and fashion and sometimes does some modelling. You will never know what new skills/fields she is going to explore next. 🙂

( Original editorial by Sarah Gleeson )