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Visual Designer

Mirror grew up in Taiwan and moved to New Zealand when she was offered a scholarship in digital media. She is deeply passionate about all things to do with art and is known for her creativity and smiley personality. She has been also aiming to balance between visual art and commercial relations. Mirror has extensive experience in the area of digital design. Since 2003, she has been helping clients on their Branding, Advertising & Marketing. She always keep on learning and exploring. After studying Interior Design, she extended her skills and help on Space Design for Commercial Clients’ projects. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and happy to implement Yoga techniques into her artworks & dancing. She has also produced films. One small film has made its way to 5 film festivals all over the world. Because of her success, Mirror won an award for her directing.

She is always looking at inspiration for new opportunities! As she always says – Let’s keep moving forward. 🙂